Patrick from SR Auto Action Car Repairs has been a generous and long-time supporter of Mission Australia. He shares why he donates and his personal experiences with homelessness.

“Originally it was my father who founded the relationship with Mission Australia probably more than 20 or 25 years ago and we have continued our support since then,” says Patrick.

“Our family business is a boutique auto repair company in Hornsby. I give back to Mission Australia by donating and by absorbing auto repair jobs here and there.”

Patrick didn’t just give resources, he wanted to volunteer his time to support others in need.

“Pre COVID, my wife, daughter and I volunteered at Common Ground. We were working with everyone, feeding residents, having some conversations, and just listening. You sort of realise how lucky you are compared to some of these other people, where their lives have been taken from them.”

“I think sometimes people just want to want to eat and to have a chat. They all have very interesting stories to share.”

He was struck that homelessness was closer than he thought.

“Once, I was at Common Ground and there was a girl around my daughter’s age, maybe even younger.”

“I thought, she is too young to be here. I couldn’t believe it.”

Patrick also went out with Missionbeat as a volunteer and his experience has stayed with him.

“You know what, homelessness doesn't discriminate. Unfortunate things can happen to anyone and no one is impervious to it.”

“I met this guy, he was middle management, had a family, had a house, had everything and got divorced.”

“After the divorce, he spiralled downwards and twelve months later he was on the streets.”

We are thankful for the long-term support of Patrick and SR Auto Action Car Repairs.

As an individual, as much as I would like to, I can’t be everywhere or help everyone in the community, but Mission Australia can.Patrick

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