Staff and residents at Douglas House in Cairns have combined their artistic talent to create a colourful mural to commemorate National Homelessness Week.

Utilising their creativity residents at Mission Australia’s Douglas House shared lived experiences of homelessness through art. Douglas House is a 22-bed supported accommodation facility supporting people experiencing long-term homelessness.

Residents were invited to write their own experiences and stories on pieces of cardboard. These ‘Cardboard Stories’ were displayed at two local shopping centres in Cairns with the aim to raise community awareness of homelessness.

Cardboard stories

For many people who are rough sleeping the only form of protection from the cold and hard floor could be pieces of cardboard.

‘Cardboard Stories’ have been a running theme in Cairns among community groups to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around homelessness.

This year Douglas House residents were invited to share their own stories and how homelessness can happen to anyone, through no fault of their own.

Individually each story paints a unique picture of homelessness. When placed together as a group, the ‘Cardboard Stories’ paints wider picture of homelessness in Cairns. Viewers at the shopping centre were invited to interact with the artworks by walking around the display and taking their time to read each story.

Real stories from people who have experienced homelessness written on cardboard.

Douglas House is funded by Mission Australia's generous donors and the QLD Government.

For many, Douglas House is a steppingstone from chronic homelessness to sustainable independent housing.

Learn more about the causes of homelessness.

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