There's so much to be gained from becoming a Mission Australia partner.

Mission Australia works with our partners and supporters to develop tailored engagement programs that suit your organisation and employees.

Some ways your employees can get involved are:

Corporate volunteering

Employees volunteering

Volunteering at one of Mission Australia's many community services can provide employees with a valuable team-building experience while supporting people in need. Your business can choose from a range of meaningful activities that match your employees' areas of interest - be it homelessness, at-risk youth or families in distress.

We have developed best-practice processes to ensure your employees get the most from their corporate volunteering experience.

Potential volunteering days may include creating discovery gardens at our early learning centres, renovating one of our youth support services or hosting activities for aged care residents who have experienced homelessness.

Skilled volunteering

Your employees can also get involved through skilled volunteering, offering their considerable skills, experience and expertise to directly help people in need. Skilled volunteering enables your employees to enhance their existing skills, work in a different environment and gain valuable new perspectives. The opportunities are flexible, ranging from small to large projects.

Workplace giving

Becoming a Mission Australia workplace giving partner engages your employees to support people in need across the country. Regular, ongoing donations allow us to provide long term support that enables people to overcome their challenges and take vital steps towards their independence.

We can support your company to set up and grow an effective workplace giving program that reinforces a culture of caring and giving, provides support for a strategically aligned cause, and builds employee engagement and respect.

The benefit for your staff is that they can automatically donate automatically through their pay. They will get the benefit of the tax deduction up front, so there’s no need to hold onto tax receipts, and staff can change their donation amount at any time. By matching your employees' donations you can also double the impact of your business' collective support - and your matched donations are tax-deductible.


Fundraising activities are a great way for your employees to connect and raise vital funds for Mission Australia services. You can get involved in one of our organised events like Sleepout or create your own [hyperlink ‘create your own’ to, opening in a new tab]. We can assist you with resources and ideas to make your fundraiser a success.

Raising awareness

Together, we can create content that not only informs your staff and clients of the positive difference our partnership is making in the lives of Australians in need, but will also help to raise awareness about some of the most pressing issues that vulnerable Australians are facing. We keep you and your staff informed about the work we do so you feel a strong connection to the people you are supporting.

In-kind support

Mission Australia is also grateful for in kind support your employees can provide. Donations of toiletries, hampers, Christmas gifts, tickets to events and office supplies are always very much appreciated by our services and the people they support.

Contact us

To find out more about employee engagement programs and how you can get involved, please fill in the form on our partnership page or call 1800 88 88 68.

Our founding purpose - 'Inspired by Jesus Christ, Mission Australia exists to meet human need and to spread the knowledge of the love of God'