Our Governance

Although Mission Australia is not a listed company, our Board adopts the Stock Exchange (ASX) Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations as part of our commitment to good corporate governance and transparency.

Our Board’s role is established by the Board Corporate Governance Charter, which outlines their duties and key responsibilities. Our Internal Audit Charter sets out the authority, role and responsibility of Mission Australia’s internal audit activity.

The Board has several sub-committees that help Directors discharge their duties. These include the Nominations Committee, which ensures the Board maintains an appropriate skills and knowledge and the Board Audit and Risk Committee, which oversees audit functions, financial performance, annual financial statements, risk management and compliance.

Mission Australia Policy

Mission Australia also has a range of policies relating to risk management, conduct, fraud, recruitment, workplace health and safety, good working relations, grievance management, performance counselling, discrimination, harassment and bullying. These include:

Risk Management Policy
Our risk management system separates strategic risks and opportunities from operational risks. Mission Australia’s managers own responsibility for risk and incorporate risk management into normal management practices and procedures.

Code of Conduct
Applying to the Board, management and staff, this code specifies practices to maintain confidence in the integrity of Mission Australia. It is supported by a Gifts and Benefits Policy.

Conflict of Interest Policy
This policy sets out procedures to deal with real or perceived potential conflicts in loyalties. Our Directors have additional responsibilities embodied in the Constitution to disclose conflicts to the Board.

Enterprise Privacy Policy
This policy shows how Mission Australia manages the personal information of individuals in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles.

Fraud Control and Corruption Prevention Policy
This policy deals with fraud and corruption control, prevention, detection, response and investigation. Our management Ethics Committee analyses and recommends solutions to ethical dilemmas confronting the organisation.

Mission Australia Consolidated Constitution
Contains the fundamental principles according to which Mission Australia is acknowledged to be governed.

Statement of Enterprise Ethics
This Statement of Enterprise Ethics sets out our expectations when you work with Mission Australia.

Whistleblower Policy and Integrity Line
This policy enables protection from retribution against anyone who raises a genuine concern about serious wrongdoing. Mission Australia's free-call Integrity Line receives confidential information about suspected wrongdoing by someone working for any Mission Australia entity.

P: 1800 021 673 (EST 9.00am - 5.00pm)
E: integrity@missionaustralia.com.au

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