We love hearing the many innovative solutions supporters like you have when it comes to homelessness. Ending homelessness will require out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration, and one of the ideas we often hear about from supporters is using Tiny Homes to help those who are experiencing or at-risk of homelessness.

We believe that Tiny Homes may provide a transitional option for some people and with the right support, can help them reach independence and long-term sustainable housing. However, the idea of Tiny Homes for the homeless raises two key concerns. Firstly, providing a shelter of any size may not address the underlying complexity of issues faced by many people experiencing homelessness and a roof in and of itself is insufficient to end homelessness. Secondly, the idea of tiny homes or homes of a lesser standard for those in need may in some circumstances compromise the essential principles of dignity and independence that we seek to achieve for all the people we serve.

Another key reason Tiny Homes may not be the best approach is that Tiny Homes do not have the potential to deliver social and affordable housing at the scale which is required to end homelessness in Australia. We continue to advocate for a national plan from governments to end homelessness by 2030 and a commitment to the 500,000 social and affordable homes needed to meet this goal.

As generous supporters of Mission Australia, it is important to us that you feel your donations are well spent. We take every effort to make sure the funds you entrust us with are used to provide services that are both effective and that take into account the complex needs of those we work with. This is certainly the case with our stance regarding Tiny Homes.

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