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Mission Australia believes every person in Australia should have access to safe and secure housing. It’s an integral part of maintaining good health and feeling part of a community. A shortage of affordable housing and high rents means people on low incomes are increasingly vulnerable to homelessness. Single parent families, in particular, spend the most on housing as a percentage of their weekly gross income.

Every night more than 100,000 people in Australia are homeless. Homelessness can affect men, women and children from a wide range of backgrounds living in our cities, suburbs and country towns. The extent of the problem is hidden by the fact that most homeless people don’t sleep rough on the streets. They stay with relatives and friends until they wear out their welcome, and sleep in hotels, short-term and crisis accommodation, caravan parks and even cars.

People become homeless for many reasons, including unemployment, mental health issues, financial troubles, problems with drugs, alcohol or gambling or the loss of a job or loved one. Being homeless can wreak havoc on a person’s health and keep them out of work and socially isolated. There is no consistent definition for homelessness, but Mission Australia sees it as being a problem that goes much further than just not having access to safe shelter.

Mission Australia Housing

Mission Australia Housing is an established and progressive, national Community Housing provider of social and affordable housing in Australia that leverages the strength and support of Mission Australia. 

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Mission Australia Housing is accredited against the National Community Housing Standards (2010), and is a Tier 1 Registered Housing Provider through National Registration.

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